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Digital Display Advertising 

If you're looking to boost your business' brand awareness, drive engagement and create loyal customers then digital display advertising on Yorkshire Coast Radio is the perfect way to do just that. Using creative adverts, our display advertising draws attention to your message whilst creating great brand awareness on one of the most visited websites on the coast.

Your display ad will include a clickable link to your website, helping to drive traffic whilst also helping to improve your search engine ranking. 

What do I need to do?

1. Supply us with your artwork or opt to let our in-house graphic designer create an eye-catching advertisement for you    2. Choose where you'd like your display ad to appear on the Yorkshire Coast Radio website 
3. Tell us how many impressions you'd like your digital display ad to deliver each week 
4. Choose when you'd like your campaign to start and end 
5. Let us do the rest!

Ad Messenger

Mobile Phones are now the most popular way people access the internet. Yorkshire Coast Radio’s AdMessenger is a no nonsense approach to mobile advertising. Using our platform you can target the right audience based on location and demographics.

AdMessenger works just like a push notification which we see and interact with on our phones. Because of this, it isn’t intrusive like other mobile ads. Research shows that the uptake on AdMessenger is up to 400% higher than standard mobile advertising and with placement on major national websites, you could be advertising your message to hundreds, if not thousands of the right people soon.

What do I need to do?

1. You tell us your message (upto 140 characters), supply us with your logo and choice of colour scheme
2. Tell us your call to action. It could be your website, telephone number or even location via Google Maps.
3. Tell us the location and demographic of audience you want to reach.
4. Tell us when you want us to start your campaign.

Online Advertising

You know those online adverts that seem to follow you round?

Our digital content manager Nicola tells a great story about how her mum, having been online, had looked at a dress for Christmas but felt it was a touch expensive so she “probably shouldn’t buy it” and chose not to. Later that day by sheer coincidence that very same dress appeared in her Facebook timeline. That evening back online on another website, there it is again, in another advert! At this point Nicola’s mum calls her and say’s “you know that dress I looked at? Well ever since I did, I’ve seen it everywhere, online, on my Facebook, it must be fate… I’ve bought it!”

What Nicola’s mum thinks is fate, we call “re-marketing” and its a powerful tool for reaching out to potential customers you know have an interest in what you do.

Re-marketing is just one of the digital advertising strategies we can employ to help you reach out to potential customers.

For help with digital advertising, get in touch with our team today.

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