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Struggling to overcome misconceptions in the local marketplace, Scarborough UTC commissioned us to deliver a marketing campaign that would increase brand awareness and understanding of the UTC proposition. Ultimately we needed drive attendance of open events and increase applications for the 2018/19 academic year. To achieve that we knew that the brand needed presenting in an exciting way and that we had to address the key questions of potential students and their parents.

A Brand New Website

We knew that the first response to advertising would be to visit the We built a new site featuring well presented content that looks great on mobile and is easier to navigate as a user. Another plus was how simple it is to update behind the scenes.


UTC 30 Second Promotion Advert

A New Audio Identity

Once we had the audio identity nailed we produced a series of commercials to deliver key messages to both potential students and their parents. These are running on radio, on the Scarborough UTC website and on social media.

Online Advertising

Our creative team built a bank of fresh photography, designed a series of adverts and then executed a targeted digital display advertising campaign across relevant websites and social media.


Engaging Video Content

We wanted to showcase the UTC and all the things that really make it different. If a picture paints a thousand words then we produced a series of novels with our video content. They look great and say so much despite featuring very little spoken content.

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