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Should you consider radio advertising?

Does radio advertising really work?  Is it something you should consider? These are certainly valid questions in a world where you have more advertising choice than ever before, so lets consider the facts.

Radio is now accessible in more ways than ever before with 9 in 10 people tuning in each week, some via traditional FM/AM platforms, others using DAB or digital streaming online and even via apps.  Whatever method of listening they choose, what is clear is that the radio audience is incredibly strong and very loyal.  Nowhere is this more clear than with local radio and right here, serving the towns of Whitby, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington, is one of the strongest local radio stations in the whole of England.

According to RAJAR the independant body responsible for researching and publishing audience data, Yorkshire Coast Radio is listened to by a massive 43% of the local population every week.  More staggering still is that in total 82,000 adults (3 in 4 people) listen to the station over a 13 week period.

Yorkshire Coast Radio is wholly owned by the UKRD Group, who believe in giving their stations local autonomy.  Chris Sigsworth, Managing Director, believes this has played an important part in the station’s success.

"More and more across the UK we are seeing commercial radio groups sharing more and more programming, with local content featuring less and less. I am proud to be part of a group that understands the important role local radio plays in the lives of listeners. Instead of cutting back on local content, we are able to invest in our local news and be at the heart of everything going on in the local area. It’s this focus that gives the listeners a sense of ownership, and wins their loyalty."

– Chris Sigsworth, Managing Director of Yorkshire Coast Radio

The station has also reported a 100% increase in its online audience with over 3 million sessions and 8 million pages views on over the last year.  This is evidence the station has a huge following.

So what does this mean for the local business owner?

In short it demonstrates that radio can play a vital role in promoting a business, its products and services particularly in a local market place.  Who wouldn’t want to advertise their business to everyone living locally?

Radio is known for being trusted, it is also, in a world where we increasing consume content “on demand”, one of the truly current and in fact live advertising mediums, meaning you can react quickly to changes in your business or opportunities.  Perhaps one of its biggest assets is that this media has huge reach of local people and they tune in for hours and hours each week meaning your advertising message will be heard again and again.  Those jingles may at times irritate but wow they stick in your head!

The radio industry body Radiocentre published a report that demonstrates radio advertising delivers on average a whopping £7.70 return on every pound invested.  You can view that report and other radio effectiveness research here.

So maybe 2018 is the year that, if you haven’t already, you put radio advertising to the test.  I reckon you’ll be glad you did!

You can access exclusive offers for new advertisers on Yorkshire Coast Radio here and if you want some more information on what kind of advertising is available and who currently uses the station then here might be the place to start your research.

Whatever you do, we wish you a hugely successful 2018!