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More than just a radio station

Just over 24 years ago I was lucky enough to be involved with the launch of something new and exciting in Scarborough that was going to make a difference to the lives of so many people.

It was the 7th November 1993, and I was a presenter on Yorkshire Coast Radio’s very first day of broadcasting. Suddenly the town had its very own commercial radio station. Something new and different to listen to and engage with, and a new way for businesses to promote themselves.

Back in 1993 nobody quite knew just how popular Yorkshire Coast Radio would become. It wasn’t long before half of the area’s population were tuning in every week, and businesses were feeling the benefit that this new form of advertising could achieve for them.

Quickly, coverage was extended to Whitby, and then Bridlington, uniting the towns and giving the area its identity.

My presenting days are long over (“hurray!” some will say), as in recent years I have been proud to lead the business, and the great team that make it, in the role of Managing Director.

It’s only when you pause to reflect on 24 years that you realise how much has changed. That said, some things have stayed the same.

Yorkshire Coast Radio is, first and foremost, known for what comes out of the speakers. What we aim to deliver today is not too different to back in 1993. Local news and information, that is both relevant and engaging, mixed with an entertaining mix of conversation and great songs.

Today however, the Yorkshire Coast Radio brand is about more than what comes out of the speakers. It’s about delivering that great local content on whatever platform someone chooses to consume it. Our content today is enjoyed by people online, on social media and on their mobile phones or tablet. Some people will enjoy and engage with what we do without ever turning on a radio, though I am delighted to say that huge numbers still do.

‘Radio’ advertising was new to the area back in 1993. Prior to Yorkshire Coast Radio’s launch the only effective medium to advertise had been the local papers. Over the years we have become known and trusted for delivering great campaigns on the radio that work.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the traditional advertising platforms such as TV, press and radio have been joined by the digital revolution. Never before has there been such a choice, each with their own benefits. For a small to medium business it can be baffling to know what to do, and how to do it.

We have the solution.

Yorkshire Coast Radio Solutions is the commercial arm of Yorkshire Coast Radio. A team of people with experience in all areas of marketing. We create multi-platform campaigns that work for your business. We create websites, video, audio and design. We deliver digital display advertising, press advertising and of course radio advertising.

Times have changed. If you’re still doing what you’ve always done, you could be missing out.

Take a look around the Yorkshire Coast Radio Solutions website, and talk to our team about the solution we have to grow your business.