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A ‘WOW’ Moment!

I’ve been with Yorkshire Coast Radio since the very first day the station took to the air. That was back in November 1993, which anyone good with numbers will tell you is getting close to 25 years.

There’s been some memorable moments along the way. Some special moments. None quite as special as the one this week.

On Thursday the radio industry received the latest audience figures from RAJAR. I have explained in a previous blog why it is a big thing for a commercial radio station like ourselves. There’s a lot riding on it. We receive the figures electronically at a set time. Opening the file to reveal the results is one of those stomach churning moments that nobody really enjoys. The headline figures appear in front of you, as you hope and pray they are good ones.

What appeared in front of my eyes this time took a few moments to sink in. One of the key figures for all radio stations in the Weekly Reach. This is presented as a percentage of the population you broadcast to, and also as a number of listeners in thousands.

Yorkshire Coast Radio has always been fairly consistent with its audience stats. Six months ago we had a Weekly Reach of 47%. Last quarter it climbed to 48%, the highest of any station in England. 12 months ago it was 42%, so as you can see, our figures had been going in the right direction.

The figure in front on my eyes though needed a second glance. We had just achieved a Weekly Reach of 53%. We had always thought “what if” we could get to 50%. We had just done that, and smashed it. 53% of the area’s population were tuning in to Yorkshire Coast Radio every week, not only the highest percentage reach in England, but now the UK.

I won’t tell you the words that followed once it had sunk in. They’re not words we use on the radio! We had achieved something quite unique and the look on the faces in the office, from the team that have worked so hard to achieve this, is something that will stay with me for a long time.

A 53% Weekly Reach is a huge endorsement of what we do. More people than ever before… 59,200 to be precise, are tuning in each week. This is great news for our advertisers, who can be confident that their message is been heard by so many people. No other advertising medium in the area is able to reach such a large number of people.

If you have a local business and you’ve not tried radio to market it, do get in touch. We love working with local businesses to deliver successful solutions. It would be great to have a chat to see what we can do for you.